Saturday, February 26, 2011

Avian Organics Bird Bannock - Part 1

A while back I had purchased some Bird Bannock from Avian Organics. Why it took me so long to finally bake it, I'm not sure. I think part of it was because I had also purchased one of the Fusion Flatbreads at the same time, which I had cooked first, and didn't want to do the Bannock before all frozen portions of the flatbread were done.

I took pictures along the process of making the bread, for fun.

Here is one of the two packages used - it did say to use both packages for one recipe - and my favorite mixing bowl (it cleans really easily!)

At this point I wanted to take a picture of the 1 1/4 cup of water required but one of the two batteries in my camera died and since I wasn't able to switch from whichever one was in use to the one which wasn't (it was really dead) and that I wanted to move along with the recipe, there is no picture of the water. But I'm sure everyone can picture a measuring cup with some water in it...

The boy eventually figured out which one of the batteries worked and I got a functional camera once again. Here is the mix with the beaten egg (not sure it was organic, but it was apparently free range)

The mix set in the glass container, before going in the oven.


It looks even better than the flatbread, which I had thought looked great and the birds were definitively fans, so I doubt this will be any less of a success.

Part 2 will be pictures of the birds enjoying the bannock, once it has cooled down a bit...

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