Sunday, February 13, 2011

Expandable Habitat skewers

Earlier this week I was looking at the want ads, an activity which I very occasionally do, and instead of stopping on every "bird for sale" ad, one with bird related items caught my eye.

Actually, had there been no picture I would have probably glanced right over it.

But there was. And I thought I had spotted two Expandable Habitat skewers amongst the different things for sale. Turns out I was right.

Why get all excited? A few people I know through parrot forums have been talking highly about Expandable Habitat cages and other items. They apparently use a high quality stainless steel in everything them make.

So I figured why not see if the skewers were still available?

They were. And while the ad did refer to their size, I didn't imagine they would be this big (did I mention I really stink at visualizing lengths of things without having it in front of me?)

I bought them anyways, even if they are obviously too big to give to the birds I currently have - they were too good a deal to pass on.

Here's a picture - the lens cape is 62mm wide (which I was told is 2.44") to give you an idea of the size. For anyone who have seen the medium Mother Plucking atoms, I could hang one there (with an extra quick link) and it would still stick out.

I'm not sure what I'll do with them yet.
Could keep them on hand until I get a Cape parrot, might hang them with some wood pieces from the atoms, could try to make a swing...I'll surely think of something!


Anonymous said...

How do you like the skewers?

Natacha said...

I haven't started using them yet - haven't had the time to think through what I want to do.

Will let you know when I do forge myself an opinion :)