Monday, February 28, 2011

My new vacuum

Yes I just bought a new vacuum.

I've been pondering this for a while. We, up until this point, had a shop vac as a result of having killed our two previous vacuums. However, I hate the shop vac - it's convenient for cleaning the cages, but for everyday use on my carpet floors...not cutting it. Plus it's awkward to carry around and it's just a pain to take out and put away.

While the birds are messy, I think the biggest issue and what killed our previous (cheap) vacuums was the hair left by our cat. She's been shedding lately as well and I've been finding hair everywhere and got annoyed - which prompted the purchase of the new vacuum. Actually, what really prompted it was the fact that I brushed out 13 grams of hair off the cat yesterday evening...just imagine if that had made it to my floor/furniture..

Anyways, I've been meaning to get a Miele and looking at the website over the last two days. Yesterday, I noticed that there was a offer for an extra five years of warranty on parts/labour ending today. So after work we went to the local Miele store and got our new vacuum!

Knowing we had a cat and carpet, the sales rep suggested two models - the cat & dog model or the S5 Blue Star. We went with the Cat & Dog which was slightly more expensive yet came with all the brushes & gizmos.

I just tried it out and was rather impressed with it. It's much easier to drag around that the emcumbersome shop vac and much prettier :)

It came in a very pretty red.

(the hose is obviously not plugged in - the picture of the "complete" vacuum came out a bit awkward)

And obviously this has a place here since a clean house is a good thing for the parrots as well as myself :)

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