Saturday, February 26, 2011

Avian Organics Bird Bannock - Part 2

Here are the pictures - one thing is for sure, the bannock was very well received. They even ate the crumbs they initially let fall!

Piper also got a piece but wanted to wait on the crumbs the others would let go of.

She's such a meticulous eater - she was taking it apart, small piece by small piece unlike the others that were taking chunks out (but later went back to them)

Face on - Joey style!

Caution: Bird Bannock induces sticky beak

One of my favorites - just really like how it came out!

Totally hamming it up..

My favorite picture - it looks Joey is ready to be a spokesbird ;)


Beth Niquette said...

Your Joey is a little darling!

Meg said...

Look like it was a big hit! I just ordered some to try, so I will have to see if it is as popular here. I think I know my answer already, though, and I would be very surprised if any of them turned up their beaks!

HungryBird said...

Nice pictures! They seem to have enjoyed them. I will have to try some with my birds.

Natalie said...

Joey is such a HAM! I love the pictures though. I just ordered some AO, I'm hoping all of my flock approves as well :)