Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday is shower day!

Sunday is shower day at my house.
I find it's important to give the birds frequent shower/baths, specially in winter with the heating making the air so dry. I do use humidifiers in the living room and in the birdroom, but the shower does help as well.

Piper normally prefers baths, and I do give him the option of a small shallow plate of water some days, but I do like to give him a regular misting so that he gets all wet as he often fails to get his back and top of his wings properly wet in the bath.

Shade normally prefers baths in her cage water bowl, but again, that can only get her wet in specific places so a misting is often in order. Some days she enjoys it, some days she just stoically stands there until I'm done.

And while the Red-bellieds are always the easiest to get wet and stay that way for a while (as they don't seem to be too keen on drying by preening and will either nap or go and play with toys right after a shower)...

..the Meyer's are the hardest to get wet every. single. time! They just stand there and seem to repel water. I often have to use half a bottle of water on them to get them slightly humid. And they don't bath in their water bowls all that much either.


Matt Mahar said...

I've heard some actually shower with their birds, like in the people shower. Is that ok to do?

Natacha said...

Yes it is.
One just has to be careful with the water temperature if putting their bird under the running water (can't be too hot) and the pressure (go easy on the pressure).