Saturday, February 26, 2011

Rooms obsession?

I have posted in the past how much Pixel wants to be in the kitchen when I go in there. Every time I step foot in that room when she's out in the living room with us, she'll come and join me. Actually that is only partially true - she will NOT do so if I'm holding the video camera trying to get her flight and following "wooo".

Shade is the same to some degree with the kitchen - she might not follow me every time, but she does like to join me in the kitchen. I assume it's because she thinks she'll get part of whatever I'm getting in there (birds aren't out when I cook but can be when I do prep work).

Zuri, on the other hand, must be in the bathroom if I'm there for whatever reason. If I leave the door just open enough for him to come in while I'm brushing my teeth or drying my hair in the morning, he will find his way in...and the landing spot is always on my head.

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