Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ranking the flock - in order of cage messiness

Today I cleaned the bird cages.

I've decided to go and rank them with how messy their cages were, or rather how clean they kept them. So, with rating 5 meaning the most messy and rating 1 meaning rather clean, here they are.

#5: Giving Lories a run for their money in projectile pooping.

Seriously, I think Piper might have been a Lorikeet at one time in his life. He seems to like to projectile poop his cage bars instead of pooping down on the lining paper. And given how often a little bird like him can poop in a wasn't too pretty. However, it was nothing a little soapy water and then a rinse couldn't take care of.

#4: For the love of eating and sharing food.

Shade is definitively my bird who likes food the most. I mean she'll eat practically anything...and apparently when something is particularly delicious, the cage bars around that food bowl get in on the party. But it was pretty easy to just scrap off the clumps and then washing away whatever had remained.

#3: For the love of eating...but less sharing.

Pixel also loves her food. But I have to say, she's definitively neater when it comes to eating (well mostly sharing) her food. While the cage bars weren't as bad as Shade (one or two flecks), her grapevine perch was definitively used for beak wiping..

#2: The meticulous Meyer's

I know what you must be thinking - this rating system goes up to 5 but I have 6 birds. How could that be?

Well, tied for #2 are Petey and Zuri. Other than the occasional poop here or there, their cages were nearly spotless. While this is somewhat of a little improvement for Zuri, it's a tumble for Petey who normally is the cleanest of them all...

#1: A surprisingly clean cage for a bird who's normally not afraid to make a mess.

Joey seems to be a contradiction in himself. He moves around quite a bit, isn't afraid to make a mess...however, his cage itself is kept rather clean. Other than wiping down a little dust, there was nothing wrong with his cage. He seems very good at containing his mess within the lining paper, which gets taken out every day.

The proof that you can be clean and messy at the same time...

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