Sunday, February 20, 2011

A vet story

I love the vet I have for the birds - I've been going to her for a few years now and am so happy she's around.

We've had less chance with the vet for our cat - not that we've been unhappy with the ones we've had, but it seems that the clinic we go to with Zelly has a high rotation on staff.

Anyways, Zelly was due for her annual appointment earlier this month. The Boy brought her on his own. When he came back, he said that this vet was once again quite good and he was assured that she wouldn't be leaving anytime soon. While I will NOT change avian vets, it turns out this new one also owned birds. So they started talking about parrots. When she heard that we had 6 and were living in an apartment, she was flabbergasted that we didn't get any complaints about noise. Thing is, the flock isn't that loud, specially when they are out in the living room with us. She, on the other hand, had two Quakers and I can understand where noise concerns would come from, if that was your experience with parrots - I've met quite a few Quakers and none of them were quiet!

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