Saturday, February 5, 2011


This morning the birds were apparently making noises (other than hearing one Peek-a-boo from Pixel, I didn't hear anything - shows you how awake I was..) so the Boy got up and let them out.

Normally, on the occasions where he would be letting them out and I'm not around (either still sleeping, when I'm sick or when I'm just out of the apartment and he's not), Piper will be flying around and screaming while looking for me. While he's good with anyone, it's better if I'm around (apparently).

Lately, he has taken into going to sulk in the kitchen on the cabinets if I'm not "there". Mind you, while he sulks he's quiet (I think).

That is where I found him this morning. On the cabinets. In the dark kitchen.

He seemed quite happy when I showed up.

Remember - this was the bird who "chose" me, not the other way around (although I have to point out I didn't get a chance to decide to choose him when we first met - he flew right to me and wasn't going to budge...)

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