Wednesday, March 14, 2012

74:365 - Pi(per) Day

Nerdy pun for the sake of the Boy.
Of course, this is really more Joey's day (which is why his post went up first early this morning!).

Oh and this shot - I love it. It's not super sharp but it shouldn't be; the fact is that Piper was mid-shake up when I took this. I find it pretty awesome.


Lauren said...

So pretty =)

Question: How many of your parrots are boys and how many are girls?
Are them all attached to you? Are you the "favorite person"? Do they interact with you boyfriend?
Just wondering.

Natacha said...

Lauren -

4 are boys (Piper, Joey, Petey and Zuri) and 3 are girls (Shade, Pixel and Léa). Most as quite attached to me - in fact, Shade and Pixel clearly like me better, as does Piper. However, Piper is also willing to spend some time with my boyfriend. Joey, Léa and Zuri (although Zuri does seem to have a slight preference for me) will share equally between my boyfriend and I. Petey really only loves my boyfriend and that is fine :)

Lauren said...

Thank you for your answer =)
I always though that Piper was a girl ^^

Good to know that they all go with both of you !
You're the perfect example to break the myth of boy parrot goes to women and girl parrot goes to men !