Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Léa, you are 10 months old today!

10 months old. Already.

I guess we can start with the most obvious of all physical changes you went through this month - a change that really boomed while I was away for one week mid February.

Your wings.

The coral just starting blooming like crazy on your wings these past three weeks. They are looking absolutely gorgeous and every other day you keep flashing new pins at me. I'm just loving it!

But let's not leave your head out - although it had a very slow start, your forehead is definitively looking more coral these days!

You are definitively a fearless bird - and this gets you into trouble at times (the Boy says you are a little too cocky at times..). Your curiosity knows no boundary. Which is a good thing I guess when it comes to food as you are starting to get a bit more into trying new items. But mushy/juicy foods remain a favorite, that is for sure!

One thing that hasn't changed - your love of water. You love being misted. In fact, if you are doing something particularly obnoxious and I don't feel like getting up to move you (probably because I had to do it 100 times before..), all I need to do is get the misting bottle out and start misting the Java tree where I normally give you a "shower" and you fly to be under the water. Sometimes I worry that reinforces the bad behaviour, but you generally don't do the same bad thing over and over to get a shower so I think we are good.

I'm still amazed at how easily you get drenched, you just open up for the water!

Finally, you seem to have developed quite a taste for drama - if you know you've been going places or going places that you shouldn't, when we get up to move you, before we even touch you, you make these dramatic screams (which thankfully aren't too loud) and your body just moves along with it - a hard thing to explain. While it's entertaining, we would rather you just listen..

Happy 10 months Léa!

"Enough with the pictures already!"


iskra said...

she sounds wonderful! Mist bottle idea is quite interesting :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute!