Sunday, March 4, 2012

The subtle colours of Léa

Today we had some sun seep in through the windows and I got to take a few pictures of her in natural light. There is just something about natural light that makes her colours, to me, really shine through in all their subtleties that the flash just won't allow.

In fact, I've always been a fan of taking pictures in natural light more than with any form of artificial lighting. However, short days of winter and overcast days during the week-end has made it rather difficult to do so with the birds these past few months.

But today I lucked out. And I really like how the softer natural light makes the grey of her head more true to the silver it is, as well as including the more subtle hues of her sometimes duo-tone feathers.

Her head is really more striking in pictures than any picture of her. I like how on these following pictures, you can see more of the different colours that are present on her head.

Overall head - you can see how grey she's got on the back part of it these past few weeks.

On the following two pictures, you can really notice the coral feathers really starting to come in on her forehead, how feathers behind those are a mix of red and grey, as well as on her cheeks, and how the feathers beyond that are more of a silver.

This one allows to see how silver the feathers on her neck can be.

And here, the change from those grey/red cheek feathers to grey and sometimes grey/green bib feathers.

Showing off the progression of the coral on her forehead.

Finally, a quirky picture of her, head upside down (a favorite thing of hers). You can see a bit of coral on her head, wings and ankle.

I really can't wait for the days to get longer and the sun to be out more - so I can put the flash away maybe for a few months!

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Josee from said...

Just by the look of her face, i'm sure it's a little girl just like her older sister Maggie!

Beautiful pictures as always and nice blog !