Friday, March 30, 2012

Shade turns 6 today!


Somehow, this is hitting me harder than when Piper turned 7 earlier this month.
I think it might have something to do that when I first saw Piper, he had been fully weaned and had already been through another home, albeit that was merely for a week or so and he had gone through a lot since then.

But Shade, I first saw as a little white puff ball and because of that, she's always been more of "the baby" in my eyes - at least until I saw Léa.

However, I think she'll always be "the baby".

She's grown into a wonderful companion parrot - she's the most easy going one in my whole flock, often the best behaved and I trust her with anyone (but I wouldn't say I would trust her to just anyone, just like any other of my birds). She's very good with other people, even kids. I guess I did something right.

Happy 6th Hatchday Shade!

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Fernand said...

Happy birthday, Shade!!!