Saturday, March 17, 2012

Piper went to the vet today

I had mentioned in one of the earliest posts following my return from Germany that I had noticed Piper's beak growing a bit funny and I had assume it was the result of a previous injury to his beak he sustained from Petey (a few years ago).

Unfortunately, my vet was on vacation at the time and I don't want to trust just anyone do so some beak work and since it didn't really seem to bother Piper all that much, I preferred waiting for her return. The earliest appointment I could have was for today.

The vet agreed with my early assumption that the overgrowth on the one side of the lower mandible was due to the previous injury. As well, she confirmed another thing I found a bit weird about his beak, that the other side of the superior mandible was also growing a bit long, again due to the injury (which occurred on the lower mandible on that same side).

She filed everything down and even. Piper wasn't too pleased but still cooperated for the most part.

Some pictures taken after the vet visit.

The injury happened back in October 2008 so it did take a long time for any obvious signs to appear. I'll be keeping a close look on his beak to see if it start to grow uneven again, but given how easily it was to bring his beak back to "normal" (minus the indentation that will always be there because of the injury), I think this were still caught pretty early this time around.

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Maya said...

Wow! What an itty bitty beak he has now!!