Thursday, March 22, 2012

Léa does NOT like pigeons!

She loves her Wingdow.

Given the weather is getting nicer and nicer and the sun is up until late, I do bring her Wingdow in the living room with me in the afternoon (it's in the bedroom in the morning as she is there with the Boy at that time).

For some reason, our balcony is a prime hanging out spot for pigeons. I hate it, given they do leave a lot of their poo behind, which makes me really reluctant to bring the birds out in cages to get some sun rays. I feel that even if we cleaned thoroughly, it would be a pointless thing as I'd be paranoid about having missed a spot, it wouldn't stay clean for very long and the birds would possibly catch some disease.

So, for now, a Wingdow is as close as they'll get to going outside.

But to come back to the subject at hand, Léa seems to be particularly against these pigeons. If one has the unfortunate idea of coming and perching on our balcony, she gets uneasy. If there are two or more...she goes berserk. Just now, a pair of pigeons decided to take in the beautiful sun on my balcony. When she spotted them she starting screaming, a very alert and not playful scream (a scream that actually got the Boy concerned) and started flying around the room, landing for a few seconds, seeing that the pigeons were still there, screaming and taking off again.

Not pleasant.

I managed to chase the pigeons by tapping the window and Léa returned to her Wingdow, happy as a clam, chewing away at wood and mumbling happily.

I really can't wait to move - and we are making progress for this to happen in the next few months.

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