Saturday, March 17, 2012

Léa really loves her Wingdow!

During the winter, Léa only really had access to a Wingdow during the mornings when she was in the bedroom with the Boy (and I was in the living room with the littles). Mostly, this was because we have wall to wall windows and they are poorly isolated I find - while I don't mind having the Wingdow up in the bedroom as the heater is located underneath and provided heat to counter any possible draft, I didn't feel comfortable having it up in the living room as the heater is further away and those windows seem to let more cold in and I'm not keen to have them uncovered by the curtains because of this.

And since we get up pretty early during the week, it was generally dark all winter and she had no interest to be on the Wingdow since she couldn't really see anything outside. The moment it started getting lighter though, she was drawn to it, watching the sun rise and life unfold outside. Unfortunately, since then we've had daylight savings time kick in and it's back to being dark in the morning, much to the Boy's dismay who really likes it when Léa entertains herself on the Wingdow.

Earlier this week, I decided to move the large Wingdow from the bedroom into the living room, since Léa is out there with me while the Boy is with the littles in the birdroom. I already had her out when I made the decision and once I walked into the living room with the Wingdow in my hands, she got all excited, flew around and landed on the Wingdow before I even had time to secure it to the Wingdow. I removed her to do so and I swear, I wasn't working fast enough for her. The moment I allowed her back on she was there and for the remainder of the afternoon looked at the world outside.

It was truly one of the best parrot related purchase I've done so far!

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Maya said...

I agree!! One of the best ever!! If I had my way, I'd have one on EVERY window in the house, but I know Rob would never go for any more than the two we have. LOL He really hates how it sticks out and leaves a big bulge when the curtains are closed. :P