Friday, June 17, 2011

Grumpy Shade

These last few days Shade has had a few grumpy moments.

I actually should have clued in as to why earlier because this exact thing has happened in the past.

What did trigger my memory was that a few nights ago, when I went to take her off my shoulder to put her in her cage she didn't step up but rather put a lot of pressure on my finger with her beak(without actually biting). I didn't really look as to what I was doing, just offered my finger and accidentally lightly touched her on her wing in the process.

That's when I thought that it was possible that she had new flight feathers coming in and they were probably painful. A quick glance proved that it was the case on her right wing.

More so than the others birds, she seems to be in pain when these grown in and is very sensitive and if you even brush her slightly she'll let you know that she's unhappy.

Does anyone else have birds that seem to be extra sensitive to this?

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