Saturday, June 18, 2011

Léa news - take 2

I had said in my introduction post that there is two breeders involved - the one who has the pair of Capes and another who will be doing the handfeeding (being more comfortable doing it).

Update provided below was from the first breeder. The second just wrote.

Léa has taken on 50g since I last saw her, which is close to being the equivalent of Piper in weight! Her feathers are also much more apparent.
She also mentioned how much of a little pig she is - the first breeder had told her that the Capes normally eat slowly as babies but apparently Léa didn't get that memo. Apparently she's trying to put everything she can in her beak so tomorrow she'll be presented with a small skewer of fruits and veggies and the breeder is pretty sure Léa will try nibbling the food.

Apparently when she opens the top of the container she has her in at the moment, Léa always sticks her little head out to see what is going around her. She also likes to have her head/cheeks scratched.

She will try to take pictures this week-end, but as she's working, it might wait a bit but she's pretty sure she'll probably find a moment to do so.

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