Sunday, June 12, 2011


..Lea (or Léa I haven't quite decided on the spelling yet).

So today was the day the babies were pulled out of the nest. Two would end up at a pet store while my little girl would be trusted to a friend of the breeder's to finish weaning. She's also a breeder who I have met before and trust - the original breeder is capable of hand feeding babies and in any case, the other lady has extensive experience doing so and they have operated like this for a while now. I knew this from early on so it's not an issue - I'd rather Lea be in the hands of the more comfortable person with handfeeding.

I did go and meet both people and the meeting point was the pet store where the other two babies were going to be sold. So this explains the bad lighting.

More of my little girlie.

Here is a picture of older sister and baby brother - there appears to be other birds around, this was a tank with four partition walls. Also in the tank but in different sections were White cap Pionus, Brown head parrots and Meyer's parrots.

Finally, one last picture which is not of the Capes but of the aforementioned White cap Pionus. The way they were standing just looking so happy to be under the heating light - one of the cutest things I have ever seen!


Anonymous said...

Oh that sweet Cape smile! So excited to see this little one and so happy for you! She's a doll!

And that pionus pic...fantastic! They are my other big soft spot, of course...I recognize the, even at this stage. Adorable capture...

Saemma said...

So lovely! The pionus reminds of my little Sachi. Exactly..