Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Léa news!

I asked the breeder if Léa would get a chance to grow up in company of other parrots, seeing how both her siblings stayed at the pet store. Léa will get to interact with two baby African Greys, as well as an adult African Grey and an adult Cape parrot. That Cape parrot actually was the first baby Cape that the breeder who has the pair raised.

As well, I had asked if it would be possible to get Léa used to a harness as a baby and the breeder will be using the Aviator harness and will be having a few around in different colour so that Léa (and other babies) will be comfortable with all.

She'll also get weaned on a mix of sprouts, veggies and fruit, as well as some nuts (and NO peanuts) as well as a cooked mix of legumes/rice/quinoa/barley. There will also be some pellets and a high quality seed mix. As well, she'll be introduced to hard boiled eggs from time to time.

I had mentioned in a previous post that the breeder intended to give Léa a small skewer with some fruits but ended up offering some sprouts instead. Léa didn't eat any but she did play with them. All in due time.

Oh and I should be getting some pictures soon, possibly tomorrow, as the breeder will be having a day off.

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