Thursday, June 16, 2011

Third wheel anyone?

It's funny to see bird relationship evolve in a flock and it seems like lately, everyone wants a piece of Zuri.

And by everyone I really mean the two hens, Shade and Pixel.

I believe I have said in the past how Shade and Zuri were closer than the other birds and that would entail preening sessions and the occasional feeding session, in which Shade was only interested in the food given to her and the moment Zuri might consider skirt dancing, she goes away. That still holds true, it's still all Shade wants.

But now there's a new player in this, making it appear as weird triangle of birdie relationships. And this one, I'm keeping my eye on a lot.

Pixel also wants Zuri time. But contrary to Shade, she doesn't seem to want to preen Zuri (which it appears to be what Zuri wants most of the time) she's more into the feeding portion - and if that goes on for too long, she's the one who starts doing the skirt dancing. Which is why I don't let them do it. I don't want her to feel nesty. I don't want any eggs.

This new turn of events makes Shade jealous it seems. If Zuri and Pixel interacts when Shade is on me, when she'll see it she will fly away to try and get close, which is generally when I move in to separate Pixel and Zuri just in case Shade would try to interfere - she's a stubborn one.

I'll definitively will have to keep an eye on this.

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