Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Petey observations

For a little over a week now I've been alone with the birds since the Boy is away on a business trip.

It has happened before and it's always interesting to see how Petey will act, since he really truly loves him and not me.

In the past, he wouldn't really act any differently towards me, still looking for opportunities to attack when he could, with the result that I would take him out of his cage but leave him most of the time in the birdroom where he could hang out. As well, he would give his usual "Hi Petey" greeting when I came home for the first two days or so and then clam up until the Boy would return.

This time, things have appeared to be different.

This time, he's much MUCH nicer towards me. No aerial dive bombs, greetings have continued uninterrupted and when left in the room alone while I carry the others out, he will flock call until I go and get him. He WANTS to be out with us - and he behaves too. The few times he has flown since the Boy left, it was either to exercise with no intent on landing on me OR he has flown from the atom I normally put him on to the couch in an attempt, I believe, to be closer. I don't like leaving him on the couch since Zuri will chase anyone who's there, but when I pick him up, I do talk to him and make him bounce on the perch (which he LOVES) and he'll bob his head and dance.

In the past, while I normally didn't have any issues with having him step up onto a perch, it was always a battle to have him step off - now, he does so without any issue. When I would put food in his cage in the past, he would immediately lunge for the feeder door so I had to be very quick. Now, he'll let me do so without any interruption and once the bowl is in, he'll go check what's in it.

Yes, I've been pleasantly surprised and yes, I really REALLY hope this continues when the Boy will be back. As I've said, he doesn't need to like me, but if he could be neutral and not attack, it would be good. And this seems like a very good step in that direction.

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Maya said...

I think Petey and Raptor are siblings. *lol*