Saturday, June 11, 2011

Another baby picture

I got this earlier this week, I believe on Wednesday.
There seemed to have been some confusion around which baby is which, the breeder didn't want to give a definite answer until he pulls them out. He argues that it's hard to say when they are all huddled together and that mom and dad are just waiting for the right moment to charge at him (if you look in the shadows on the picture, you can see a very unhappy parent..), really leaving him with only a few seconds to look, which I can understand.

If I were to go just by looking at the feather growth, I would say baby #1 is the one at the front right, baby #2 (mine) would be the one in the back and baby #3 would be the one at the front left. It could be the picture although the breeder has pointed it out as well from in-person observations, but that front left baby, the one that I think is #3, is rather larger than the one I think is #2 and appears to be possibly a bit larger than the one I think is #1. Hence why there is a bit of confusion.


Laura's Bird World said...

How did I miss this post on AA? They just keep getting cuter and cuter :)

Natacha said...

I don't think I posted it on AA, being unsure which one was mine..