Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pixel Bloopers

I set out to take some pictures of the bird this evening and was met with very little enthusiasm on their part. Either they would start preening the moment I put the camera in their face or they would just keep moving, making it very hard to focus.

However, I did get a bit of cooperation from the Red bellies and I actually managed to get the silly side of Pixel. Although like all Red bellies I've met and heard about she has a very clownish side to her, this rarely shows in pictures of her as she just poses in a very dignified way when she sees a camera. Not so much tonight - she was yawning like crazy and I have to say, that will make for funny pictures...

The "slightly annoyed with squinty eyes and a bit of tongue showing" look

The "not so sure if I should scratch..err what was I doing?" look

The "crazy wanting to kill an itch" look

Finally, the best of them all I think, the "possibly drunken yawn" look - the one closed/one open eye just makes the look!

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Anonymous said...

Haha! Love the pictures! They are so hilarious.