Monday, June 6, 2011

More naughty Pixel

I have written in the past that Pixel has had spurts where she has wanted to attack Shade.

Well, she seems to have started over again, but this time not with Shade. She seems to be willing to try picking up fights with Zuri. While sometimes she gets close and seems to just want to be close and do the same as Zuri, sometimes it's not as friendly and they'll both try to attack, at which point I or the Boy has to intervene.

And this, like with her angry spurts towards Shade, I hope is only temporary in nature. Not sure if she's trying to ascertain her spot in the "pecking order" - she scarcely goes after Piper, maybe knowing he's out of bound, and doesn't really try to argue with Joey, probably because he's pretty easy going and doesn't try to be a dominant bird. Zuri, on the other hand, does act like he is. Well him and Petey - and Pixel is not above trying to get at Petey, but we are generally much quicker at separating any bird trying to get too close to Petey.

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