Tuesday, December 6, 2011

More delectable Avian Organics food!

This wasn't part of my Sidewalk Sale order.

At first I had intended to wait for that sale to get some more Avian Organics food but two reasons pushed me to order ahead.

First, well I was running out fast of the Mayan Gourmet Mash, a staple around here as it is possibly the favorite AO mash, one that is good enough for the birds to lick their bowls clean. In fact, by the time I got my order yesterday, I had been out of the mash for a few days, having cooked what I had left the day after I ordered. I didn't want to wait to be stuck in the middle of a massive pile of orders and have to wait too long to get the my order.

Mind you, the birds did not have to wait too long to get their Mayan Gourmet Mash fix - the shipping with this order has got to be the fastest I've ever seen from BC to Ontario; it was shipped on the 30th and arrived yesterday (the 5th)! Less than a week and there was a week-end in between somewhere!

Here is what I ordered -

Pineapple Pudding, Mayan Gourmet Mash x2

Hemp Berry Pudding x 2, Cazuela

I had mentioned above that there were two reasons as to why I ordered right away - well reason #2 has got to do with the fact that I jumped on another sale Doris was having, this time on Facebook. The first 5 customers to order at the time were each going to get a package of one of her new products, Parrot Pals.

Parrot Pals

Doris also was very generous and included one of the above Hemp Berry Puddings for free.

Hopefully this order will help tide their big appetites for a little while longer!

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