Sunday, December 4, 2011

Piper's Skywalk

He had it in his cage for a little bit and just recently started going on it.

What makes me happiest?

That toy in the forefront, the thin balsa toy, he started chewing on that once he started going on the Skywalk! It's getting him to play with toys!

He also seems to like pacing back and forth on it. I'm happy he's enjoying his new perch!


Tamara said...

Piper is such a cutie! I too have a bird that doesn't play often, one of my budgies. I'm always hopeful though :)

whatshername said...

aww my lovie is selective on her toys and perches too :) i got her a play stand though recently and she goes bonkers on that with a little straw ball that she loves now. i'm glad piper found something he loves!