Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sales all around!

I think it's pretty obvious that while I try to look for quality items, I also like hunting for sales. With 7 birds to buy for, it just makes sense to make bigger purchases if there is some type of deal going on (although the savings will undoubtedly just go towards more parrot-related purchases..)

As it turns out, this week-end is full of savings to be found in a lot of parrot-related online stores!

I'll start with a sale that is more than over the week-end - a week ago or so, I placed an order with "Les Jouets Rosie" since Jacqueline is currently having a sale of 30% off everything in the store when you buy for $100 and more of merchandise. My order actually came in earlier this week.

AviClean solution, 4 1lb bags of TOPs, 5 Rosie double perches, 1 cajeput perch

Close-up on the Rosie double perch and cajeput perch

The smaller Pois LOVE that double perch and I'm sure they'll be happy to see a new one in their cages.

For more sales, and these are only on this week-end, hop on over to Avian Avenue. The forum is having it's bi-annual Sidewalk Sale (SWS) and many vendors that are also members are participating. Every store has it's own different sale and it's worth having a look around. However, you must be a member to order, but the forum itself is a great place to be, full of resources and nice people!

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Tamara said...

I've been buying stuff like crazy, all from sites you've used and posted about or recommended. You have a good eye for quality, I'd say :) I can't wait to get our stuff!