Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Léa, you are 7 months old today!

What can I say?

Your activity level hasn't gone down, it continued to go up. In fact, over these last few days you've found a new level of energy that we hadn't seen up until now! You certainly have found your comfort zone and we've seen you fly even more than before, you've become even chattier...there is no denying that you are full of life!

Yet, you still look like you smile all the time and you seem genuinely happy!

These pictures also show another important change you went through. While it was obvious that you had started to molt when you turned 6 months old, I never would have dreamed that you would have lost so much of your cap within those 30 days! There is but tiny fringe left, although you can now see some very nice grey feathers tinted of red that have taken their place. You also managed to give me a little anxiety, wondering if you were, after all, a boy. However, a few wispy coral feathers have started to show up at the very front of your forehead as well as two nice coral pin feathers have started to grow! I do wonder if more of these pin feathers will show up as quickly as you lost your orange baby feathers but I don't think the change will be quite as drastic.

Talking about colour, your ankles have definitively started to sport some coral, although you don't really let me take pictures of it. The most obvious change happens to be on the inside of your right leg and the feathers are starting to show on their own (aka, without my "help" of moving the ones above them a little).

Over this past month, you have developed a new fondness for the atom, but over these last five days, you have also discovered the "cube", which hangs more of less above me when I'm at the computer. You go on it later in the evening when you are starting to wind down - you preen on it and then you generally perch on one leg and start grinding your beak. However, the moment I start to think that you are ready for bed and get up to take you to your cage, you suddenly wake up and get active and chat away - I'll admit that I've found the chatting rather cute and it might on a few occasions bought you an extra five minutes (but this really only brings you to the time I had first thought of putting you back in..)

Finally, Léa, it's hard to believe that you are only 5 months away from turning 1 year old. Time does go by fast..


Tamara said...

I love her smile! I hope you're all smiling today :)

Nikki said...

Happy 7 months Lea, you little cutie!