Monday, December 19, 2011

Last of the SWS orders - Oliver's Garden

My last Sidewalk Sale Order came today,and I'm quite pleased with everything I got.

I got a few more additional medium Skywalks - while the first one is quite similar to the one I got last time (I requested it so), the second one is quite different in looks.

The Boy said that he thinks the second one would be good for Joey as he loves to pace back and forth on the perches in his cage and this one is longer and a shape that is more appropriate for his pacing. This perch is also thicker, which means it might last longer (if not forever) to the assaults of Joey's beak.

I also got a few Christmas themed toys -

Ruby's Sock

Holly Bell

I couldn't pass the opportunity to stock up on a few of the ultimate favorite here - the medium Chunky Monkey!

Chunky Monkey

As well, I finally took the plunge and got a Highway - which is a length of cotton rope which includes eye rings to attach toys or another Highway to it. It's typically sold as a 6' rope, I had it custom sized a little longer (9') to fit across my birdroom.


I kept it in it's bag for the picture as I wasn't going to hang it right away and this way I won't have to fight with it while trying to put it back in the bag.

Susan also included a few freebies - always appreciated!

There was also a bag in which there were a few toys wrapped in paper. Turns out a dear friend, Kacy (owner of Léa's virtual Cape sister Mali) sent a few toys along for the flock!

Star Burst

Maple Candy

Citrus Pull - took two pictures to show different angles of this toy which I had been contemplating buying for a while!

Thanks Susan! Thanks Kacy!

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