Saturday, December 3, 2011

On the topic of the Sidewalk Sale

I got my first SWS order!

I think this is the first time I ever received something ordered during the SWS in such a timely fashion. That there was no shipping involved, that I was one of the first to get her order in, that it was a rather small order as well as the fact that (some of) the toys were probably created ahead of time helped.

I was told late yesterday that my order with Crystal's Bird Toys was ready. However, since Crystal was mostly locked in making more toys resulted in either me picking up the toys today or waiting until sometime next week-end to have them delivered.

Obviously I picked the first option, which meant I got to meet Crystal's flock (and got to hold Merlin the African Grey!) as well as see her workshop - which was very organized!

The toys!

A Snow Play for Léa

Snowball for the little Pois

Freebies - for being one of the first five customer to have ordered during the SWS

Quite happy with everything! Thanks Crystal!

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