Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Secret Santa Goodies!

This year like last year, I've participated in the Secret Santa gift exchange on Avian Avenue. I got selected to be the Secret Santa to a person with four quite-keen-on-toys Lovebirds (that's a change of pace from my not-so-keen-on-toys Piper) and she seemed quite happy with her gift, which arrived sometime last week.

Yesterday, I received mine..err..the birds' gift.

My Secret Santa ordered items from Blu Bird Toys, a store I hadn't purchased on my own yet as I do try to limit what I get from the States if I can get it in Canada, due to shipping another cost involved.

It was a really nice package, nicely wrapped.

The box

The individual gifts wrapped

One of the gifts, the longer/narrower one, seemed quite obvious to me - it had to be a Sassy Ladle. Whereas the smaller one came totally as a surprise.

The content of the smaller one? 1 lb of wood for my little beavers!

The long and narrow one was indeed a Sassy Ladle - I had a hard time taking a picture that would show all of it, but I think this was pretty good. It's also quite nice and shiny!

Jan, the owner of Blu Bird Toys, also included a card with some magnets as well as a few more little goodies.

Unfortunately, the package did not come with any clues as to who the Secret Santa is so I need to go wait for more clues to be given on Avian Avenue!


oram said...

A bird flight cage is great because it is wide that the bird would have a lot houses. This is also a part of a daily exercise that the bird should partake. Without exercise, your bird will get out of shape and will get unhealthy.

Natacha said...

The link you provided does not lead to flight cages but rather to "decorative cages" which I often find very bad and they also often happen to be on the smaller side.

My birds have cages that allow them to move around as well as fully open their wings and then some. They get a few hours of out of cage time daily where they are free to fly around my home as much as they want. They do exercise and I do not worry about their health on that front.