Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The wings are next!

Léa first got some coral on her ankles.

Recently, I also found two very coral pin feathers on her head.

Her wings still look very much green...however that might change shortly.

I was handling Léa, playing with her but also getting her used to being handled all over (thing I find practical latter on if there is any injury, much easier to look at with a bird who doesn't mind being handled that way). I was raising her wings, one at the time and felt pin feathers on the right one, through some fluff. I took a closer look and there were two coral pin feathers! I'm guessing they might start showing before the end of the month. I tried looking on the left one but she was not being as cooperative so I didn't push it (I want her to be comfortable, pushing it won't help). But a quick overview did not show any on that side yet.

Funny thing with Léa, she seems to be growing her coral on her right side before the left - it was that way with her ankles (her right ankle is displaying much more coral than the left at this point), the coral feather on her head showed up on the right before it did on the left and now the wings.

In any case, she's growing!

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