Thursday, December 8, 2011

My welcome home

It was a bit chaotic in the birdroom, as it always is, when I go home. It seems everyone wants to be greeted, everyone is making some sort of noise or has some type of body language going on.

I started with greeting Shade, the calmest of the bunch. Actually took her out for a quick head scratch and put her back in without a problem.

Greeted Zuri second, bobbed my head like he likes to do it and I got a bob back.

As I was moving to Piper's cage to say hi to him, Pixel started to rattle on of her Grey Feather Toys toy to make sure I understood that she was next. Still said hi to Piper, gave him a quick head scratch through the cage bars.

Move onto Pixel, who was quite happy to finally have her moment of attention. Tried to get her to say Peek-a-boo, as she normally does so when we do our greeting, but not tonight.

Go say hi to Joey, and notice that his water is nearly red - it seems one of his toys got a bath this time Léa decides to say, for the first time, a very clear "Allo" (hello in French). While I'm impressed, I just turn to say hi back to her and proceed to sing a song to Joey, his and mine's little ritual (and he was waiting for it!).

Next is Petey - say hi to him, he doesn't seem to really care (as I'm not the Boy) so I move to say hi to Léa again and she goes crazy and beeps a lot.

Get out of the room to prepare for them coming out and they all start "talking" at the same time.

Yet, once out, they are all very very quiet!

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