Friday, October 19, 2012

A quick glance

I couldn't leave the cage in the many boxes it came with until this week-end. I had to put, at least the main frame of it, together to see how it looked. Curiosity got the best of me!

So here it is, with Nemo on it to give an idea of it's size.

View from the side

View from the front

I hadn't bothered to install the brackets at the top which will hold a piece of acrylic a few inches above the top of the cage, nor did I insert the tray and pieces of sheet metal that go around the base to block that big hole. I just wanted to have a general idea on how to bring the cage together before having to do so in the smaller confines of the birdroom.

I can't wait to have it up there and be able to place perches, bowls and toys in there for Léa - but before I can build it up again I have to take it apart...

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Fernand said...

It seem very nice!!! I just love these pure designs. Hope to hear how easy they are to clean!