Tuesday, October 30, 2012

SWS 2012 - The last order arrived!

I wasn't expecting it until tomorrow, but my Things for Wings order from this past Sidewalk Sale on Avian Avenue showed up at my door today!

The box was filled with Danita's wonderful creations and about half of them were from her new Sunflower Farm collection!

Danita had a certain percentage off everything in the store and she also had "Daily Deals", which really were hourly deals - and while I initially didn't plan on purchasing any of those, temptation got the best of me on a few occasions.

Let's start off with what I had meant to order.

After a little coaxing, I managed to convince Danita to add the custom toy I had her made for Léa on a few occasions already (Léa REALLY likes it) and it's been aptly named "Léa's toy".

I mentioned above the new Sunflower Farm collection - I had a hard time picking which ones I wanted, or rather the birds would want - I think it's my favorite collection yet!

2 x Sunflower Shred and Chew

Sunflower Woods

2 x Sunflower Rancher

These will be distributed to the small Pois, although I'm not entirely decided yet on who will get which toy.

Those were the toys I originally ordered. Below are the toys I snatched as "Daily Deals".

Slim Slab Stacks - Elm

Barky Whirlygig

Jumbo Willow Snugly

I can't say how fantastic the Jumbo Willow Snugly is. This, I believe, was my best deal of the entire sale (almost 50% off!) and...I don't know if I'll be able to give it up for destruction. It's too pretty! I can totally understand why Danita had a little tendency to hoard the jumbo snuglies!

Mulberry and Willow perches

Finally, some perches. I had purchased the chunky bark willow perch (longer one) prior to the sale (wanting to make sure I put my hand on one) and had Danita hold it back until I put in the SWS order. The mulberry perch (shorter one) I got through the Daily Deals. Quite happy with both of them!

In fact, I'm quite happy with the entire order! These should last me for a little bit hopefully!

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