Monday, October 22, 2012

Beyond messy beak!

When she saw the Boy remove the bowls which contained dinner from the Littles' cages, she immediately went back to hers and all you could see for long period of times was this.

Occasionally, she would surface for air - and the sight of her was beyond messy!

She had a very thick coating of tonight's mash mix (some Avian Organics Mayan Gourmet Mash and my homemade mash) all over her beak - top, bottom, sides, you name it!

I guess she enjoyed her dinner!
Her poor pedicure perch got the blunt of what she tried to wipe off - and her cage is no longer sparkling clean (although I did try and wipe all the mash I could see off the bars before it dried like cement!)

1 comment:

Fernand said...

When they come out with a beak like that, they always make me laugh!