Saturday, October 27, 2012

Four Wet Pois

If one bird takes a bath, you can be sure a few more will follow. Today, it seems four of them felt that it was time to take a bath in their water bowls!

Wet Poi #1 - Shade

She was fairly wet (dried up a bit before I took the picture) but made quite a mess - I had to actually towel dry the wall behind her cage and she definitively needed the paper in her cage changed.

Wet Poi #2 - Léa

Definitively the one who made the biggest mess considering how little wet she ended up. The bottom of her cage was drenched and there were obvious pools of water that needed to be soaked up and yet, only her head got somewhat wet. It also is worth noting that she didn't think one bath was enough and ended up, later in the afternoon, taking a second one, resulting in her being just as little wet but at least this time the mess at the bottom of her cage wasn't quite as terrible.

Wet Poi #3 - Zuri

He was more wet than the aforementioned two birds, but not quite as wet as the fourth one. His cage also need a change of paper but the mess was mostly contained to that sheet of paper.

Wet Poi #4 - Pixel

She got the most wet out of all the birds who took a bath and yet, her cage was the most neat after it all. In fact, she spilled very little, her paper looked quite normal and didn't require a change! Very neat bather!

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Caitlin said...

love how they copy each other :)