Sunday, December 2, 2012

Rainy Sunday = toy making day!

To be honest, I didn't make that many, but given how particular ravenous some of the flock have been lately with wooden toys, it's probably a good thing I keep making a few every week, just to keep a nicely stocked closet of toys.

I felt that my last few endeavors have been mostly aimed at Léa so today I wanted to make a few that were directed more towards the Littles, specifically Joey who's been more destructive than he's ever been lately. In fact, when I went through the cages earlier this week-end to look at who needed new toys due to older ones being "done", Joey needed two, Shade needed one and the other Littles were still pretty well covered!

These two identical toys are very similar to a previous "model" I've made on a few occasions. The difference is I used the nice crunchy barrel beads which are a favorite of the Littles (they are far too easy for Léa) as well as thinner pieces of pine. While most of the Little ones can break pine slats that are larger than these, they do seem to prefer when they are slightly thinner. These won't have a long life once they hit the cages because I know they will be enjoyed!

This skewer is for Joey. I mentioned earlier he needed two new toys this week, I guess I should make that three as his skewer needed a refill. Here it is - kept simple. He has a harder time with the larger beads so that should last a little longer.

Finally, I did put together one toy for Léa, as her appetite for wooden toys lately has increased a little. Her beak seems to be in a faster growth spurt and I have found when those come around she goes through more toys. Logical, when you think of it, it does prevent some overgrowth.

I've branched out a little from my usual just stringing pieces of woods and beads onto the skewer itself and added a few small pieces of rope with additional hardwood beads and pieces of pine. I'm guessing she'll enjoy this version of the skewer toy much more!

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