Saturday, December 8, 2012

Messy vs. Neat


As you can see, he doesn't eat his morning piece of toast above his food bowl; he never does. His flagstone perch acts a little as a sacrifial alter to toast - he always eats it up there, which results in a mess on the perch, on the bottom of the cage AND on the floor in front of his cage.

You can also note his belly is wet. But that is nowhere near as wet as the bottom of his cage was right after his bath.


As you can see, she's on her perch without her toast - she generally eats it above her bowl, sometimes on her bowl above the bottom of her cage. Nonetheless, the mess is maintained IN her cage.

You can also see that she has followed in Zuri's footsteps and taken a bath. Unlike Zuri though, the bottom of her cage was quite dry, other than for a watered down poo, which generally happens after a shower/bath.

I think Zuri needs to learn from Pixel.

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