Friday, December 21, 2012

More bad weather behaviour?

There's a snowstorm outside - we've already accumulated a few centimeters of snow and it's still falling. I find it quite pleasant to watch (vacation officially started today!) but the birds, at least some of them, are acting weird - as they consistently seem to do when weather is bad.

Zuri is quite moody - not really willing to share anything, even Shade can't be too close to him (and he normally enjoys her presence).

Piper is more brash than ever. A little earlier he flew to the Wingdow while Pixel was on it and was about to fight her for that spot. Generally, he doesn't care much for the Wingdow, and even less if another bird is already on it. I did move Pixel to be on me (the Boy put her on the Wingdow initially, it wasn't a choice she made) and let Piper have the Wingdow.

Shade is being a jealous Diva. I had her on me earlier, then she chose to leave. Fine. However, when I put Pixel on my shoulder, she was back and wanted that spot on that specific shoulder (she likes being on the right shoulder, period). By that time, Piper left the Wingdow and since Pixel was getting agitated, I mover her back there and let Shade have the shoulder, which she remained on for all of 10 seconds before flying off to a Java stand.


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