Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Two week difference

With everything that has been going on, one of the bird-related activities that was a little omitted was the daily weigh in. Since everyone was, in appearance at least, eating well and, by feel, seemed to maintain their weight, I figured that if, for a while, we didn't weigh them every day it wasn't the end of the world.

In fact, for the month of November, we fell to a weekly weigh-in which I guess is still pretty good.

Prior to tonight, the last time we weighed them was on November 27th so I figured we were overdue.

Everyone pretty much maintained the same weight except one; and it's a good difference as the vet (and myself) wanted her to put on a little weight.

Léa is the one who gained a few grams. For the month of November she maintained around 308g on average (and actually weighed 309g on the 27th). Tonight, she was 318g. Hoping it's not a fluke and will make it a point to weigh the birds more frequently this month!

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