Sunday, December 30, 2012

365:365 - Day 365!

And here we are, the end!

Given my little miscalculation, I figured why not feature every bird on the last 365 picture. And because they won't all play nice and pose together, I had to go for the montage.

The blog will only allow me to go so big so if you want to see the above bigger, click here!

I'm happy it's over, but I'm also very happy I took on the project. However, I am looking forward to not having to take a daily picture for a while.

And because I can, here are all the individual pictures that went into the montage above!








Do I have anything else to say? Maybe, but not now, other than I find it awesome that Pixel spent her little time out for her picture yawning!

I should come up with some random stats from the pictures taken throughout the project, but not tonight.

And maybe there will be a bonus picture tomorrow..but just maybe!


Fernand said...

Such a good job!!! May be not on a daily basis, but I hope you will still put pictures here. Your are my first place to come in the morning to see the latest pictures. Happy New Year to you, the Boy and your feathered family. Only the best for 2013 !!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you continue with this blog too. I enjoy your emails. Happy new year!!

Natacha said...

Thanks everyone!
Fernand - Bonne année à toi!