Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Petey and the blanket

No, I'm NOT sharing it, it's MINE!

Petey loves blankets and anything that is soft in which he can bury himself and he'll get quite obsessed about reaching it if he spots one in the room.

Last night he was allowed on the blanket..and was he ever happy!

Part of me wants to give him a cardboard box, since I'm sure he would be thrilled with one and, if the DNA test is right, I don't need to fear him getting egg-bound. On the other hand, he can already be quite a handful and I don't need to give him more reasons to be hormonal and territorial.

I guess we'll stick to letting him have occasional access to nest-like areas under strict supervision.

And maybe one day I'll just go ahead and give him a box and see what happens.


Fernand said...

I strongly suggest you to never allow him to have a box or a dark corner... You will see the evil coming out of him. And for nothing because he don't have a female. It will be like showing him the "possibilities" without any issue for him to have a family. I think it would be very disturbing for him.

Natacha said...

Yeah I thought of that.
And it's generally why, over the last 4 years he hasn't had any.

The dark "corners" - he goes to them very quietly and once there it's hard to pry him away. So sometimes we just let him be for the time he's out and then back in his cage he goes.