Monday, December 17, 2012

The Littles are also molting

Well at least some of them are. I'm pretty sure it's not the case for Shade, or at least she's done with hers, as she's been in a very good mood lately and back to her old cuddly self.

While I haven't found too many feathers around Zuri's cage, he's in a very unpredictable mood right now and I wouldn't be surprised if he's just about to start with his.

As for Piper, Petey and the Red-bellied parrots - I've found quite a few fallen feathers of theirs.

These are some of the ones from Piper -

He has some quite amazing looking feathers, colour wise. Starting with his tailfeather!

These have an obvious "wow" factor, at least for me. The different colours and patterns, these are definitively some of his feathers that have the most "wow" factor.

However, if looking closely to some other feathers of his, you can see bright colours too! His rump, which is hidden away most of the time, is this gorgeous shade of blue and I was lucky enough to find a few.

And try as I might, there is no picture that can really showcase how beautiful they are and this is the same for other feathers of his that have an almost metallic shine to them!

Another of Piper's beautiful feathers!

Not being able to differentiate them all (some are move obvious than others), here's what I collected from the smaller Pois -

Now obviously the bright orange feathers are Joey's. I've always said that it was hardest to capture Pixel's more intricate and less flashy colours.

Here is a lovely feather from her chest area.

See the double colour? The blue/green edge and orange center? It's an absolutely lovely feather but when they are all layered on her body, it's hard to grasp how nice they really are in a single photograph.

I always mean to keep the feathers I find, although I often forget to collect them before we vacuum! These are now all safely stowed away!

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