Monday, December 31, 2012

366:365 - Bonus picture!

It's not a great one by any means (Joey is essentially the only one who kinda is in focus and sharp), but all I got to take was one picture before mayhem ensued and I had to separate the three of them.

See, normally I could take a picture of this trio in one small area without too many issues. But Zuri has been really moody lately and Joey is acting a little more crazy than usual (and is actually the reason why I only got one picture).

Why not include any of the others?

Léa - she's not let out with the others because of her size and putting her close to them on a whim for a picture didn't seem like the best way to do introductions...

Piper - he wants little to do with pictures lately and would much prefer being on me so no cooperation from him (and I don't trust Joey close to Piper when he's in his extra crazy phase.)

Pixel - would relish the opportunity to being able to chase Shade from a close proximity so no go.

 Petey - he just doesn't do well with other birds that close to him.

So here we go, the very last picture of the project, featuring a little less than half my flock!

(Oh and this makes it 850 posts for 2012!!!)

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