Thursday, December 27, 2012


Since Léa's change last October, she's slowly progressed back to how things were before, however the one thing she wasn't really doing anymore where her cute noises around me or talking to me. I would hear her in the next room and she would taunt the Boy in the morning when he's alone with her with some "Viens" when she's was flying from place to place, but nothing around me.

She even started using some new things like "Hi Lé", things that I say to her (more so than the Boy), and she says it using my voice, but again, not to me.

Over the last week, she once again started to do some of her cute cooing noises in my presence and I thought this was a good sign.

For three days they had little to no time out in the evening because of family meals we had in honour of Christmas. Yesterday, after the Boy and I made it back home from a late dinner with my parents, I went in the dark birdroom to check up on them. When I got to Léa's cage she gave me one of the sweetest looks she's got and said a very low but completely adorable "allo!" (even though the Boy tends to greet her with a more English "hello" I tend to keep it French with her and that is what she chose to pick up). The Boy wasn't in the room, it was entirely meant for me!

I truly think that was one of the best gifts I could have gotten lately!

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Margaret said...

Cute Christmas gift from Lea; she's adorable!