Tuesday, December 7, 2010

T4W Sidewalk Sale order

I received my Things for Wings order I made during Avian Avenue's Sidewalk Sale last month.

This order was all custom toys. I went with the smaller amount, $10, since I was having 5 of them made and it all adds up.

I'm quite happy with the end results - for Joey, Shade, Zuri and Pixel I have wanted the same toy, only in a different colour scheme as they all like the same things and if toys end up too different, then I don't know who to give what. This is what their toys looked like.

For Petey I wanted something different as he doesn't like wood and chewables that you can destroy as much - he's more of a leather and plastic kind of bird, although he does enjoy paper so I asked for some of that. His toy is the following and I have to say I'm quite pleased with it as well

Yes Piper didn't get a custom toy. But he doesn't really play with the toys he's got and he also has containers full of them (he was my first bird after all and got plenty more than the others did in that first year). His favorite thing is to spend plenty of time on me and he gets to do that every day - that makes him happy. So I figured that this time, we could skip getting him something.

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