Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The last of the Sidewalk Sale Order

My wood shipment from Pet Products by Nature (PPBN).

Truthfully, I got it yesterday at the same time as the Things for Wings order as well as my Secret Santa package. That was quite unusual for me, receiving three packages at once (which I loved!)

Anyways, I had ordered 400 wood coins from PPBN - 200 willow coins and 200 cottonwood coins, as they are the favorite types of wood for my birds. The birds also love yucca/kiote, but I figured I'd go with something that took them a smidgen longer to destroy, as they go through yucca like a knife through butter.

Honestly...after having people tell me how 100 coins were a lot and how much space it would take, I was expecting a slightly larger-in-size shipment than I did. But it's all good - those 400 coins should last a bit!

I've said this before, but I held off ordering straight from Pet Products by Nature because the coins are sold in larger quantities and not knowing what my birds would and wouldn't like, I didn't want to have too much of something they did not like on my hands. When Things for Wings came along and started selling the PPBN wood in smaller quantities, I was happy and tried a few kinds. Knowing the favorites, it was just logical to go through PPBN. It was a pleasant shopping experience, however, it will probably be the first and last time I order through PPBN. Unfortunately, the owner has closed down the general retail website and will only be dealing with wholesales for personal reasons. So, I do recommend that you keep an eye on her website, as there should be a list of vendors which will be carrying PPBN wood available soon.

As for myself, I'll be going back to Things for Wings as long as Danita carries the PPBN wood!


Saemmabel said...

Wowee!! Lots of wood and lucky Poi and one lovebird flock!!!

Coco said...

Gotta love all that WOOD!!! Beautiful!!! How long do you think it'll last you?