Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Things for Wings Order

The Boy decided to put in an order earlier this month.

It arrived today.

He got toy parts - the balsa (balsa bibs), the yucca (Flakey Pastry Hunklettes), some leather lace and some Paulie rope. The pieces of pine were a freebie.

When I said "oh you chose red" when I saw the Paulie rope, his answer was "oh..I had a choice?". It now becomes apparent that he doesn't notice drop down menus as he got the balsa all in natural as well (which happens to be the first colour option on the balsa bibs page). In any case, I doubt it'll make a difference to the birds, whether it's coloured or not..

Oh..and Danita has put the customs toys I've ordered from her before on her website! You can now order your own Poi Garden or Petey Pants!

While we are on the topic of orders of things for the birds...back in November I ordered some Flagstone perches for my birds from Birds on the Rocks. The order apparently was shipped from the States on December 5th - which is perfectly fine given I ordered the perches during a sale and I know a number of people did so I can understand it having taken a few extra days to mail out. order apparently made it to Mississauga on the 10th. It's now the 15th and guess where my package is? Still in Mississauga! Apparently today it's finally been released by Customs to be processed by Canada Post and I do hope it leaves Mississauga tomorrow and gets on it's way here. But my favorite part in all of this?? Apparently on the 7th it left the origin country (US) and it only arrived in Canada on the 10th - where was it for 3 days?? (assuming of course that when they mean "left" it doesn't mean "leaving"...)

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